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re: Commando hybrid solo-build

I leveled my commando with this build and it proved itself very efficient for soloing on any lvls up to cap.
The main advantages of this build are:
1. You can be a healer or DPS in flashpoints, depending on what your group needs more
2. You can solo almost ANY hc2+ quest
3. You can heal while maintaining quite a decent amount of DPS

So here's the build
It have 34 points so you have 7 more pts to spend on anything you like.

How it works
First of all, you should level Cell Capacitor and Quick Thinking for cell regen and better healing. After that it's up to you if you wanna go for DPS or healing first; it will affect only your role in early flashpoints.

How to clear hc2+
You gotta be very careful to be able to clear heroics even on high levels when you have all abilities you need. Use Elara Dorne as your companion, she will throw you some heals and get aggro if you have more than 1 mob on you.

All heroics have the same "structure" of mob groups.
1. 2 Strong, 1 Elite.
Mez elite, kill one strong mob while Elara have agro on another, kill another strong mob. Heal/buff up, recover cells and kill elite.
2. 2 Elites and sometimes 1 strong.
That's the tricky one. Start with mezzing one elite and kill Strong as quickly as possible before 2nd elite killed Elara. Now heal Elara until you get enough threat to get agro on second elite. Kill him, buff\heal up and kill 1st elite.
3. Melee champion bosses
Start with mezzing him. Throw sticky grenade, throw fire grenade (or use any other skill with induction if you haven't fire grenade yet). DPS him until YOU have ~60-70% hp. CC him (stun with cryo or throw+snare with concussion but don't use your mez, it'll heal boss) and heal yourself. If CC skills are on cooldown, start kiting and throwing kolto bombs. Basically, it's a DPS>CC>Heal>DPS>.... rotation.
4. Ranged champion bosses
Same as melee bosses but you should hide behind obstacles instead of kiting if CC skills are on cooldown. After you hide from his line of sight, quickly heal up and run to another obstacle so you could hide behind it if you gonna need some healing again.

Finally, some tips on clearing hc2+
Don't take any risks. Try to keep your HP higher than 50% all the time. Carelessness could cost you life and money for repair bills.
Melee mobs have more HP so it could be wise to deal with ranged first.
DPS>CC>Heal tactics could be used for elite mobs too.

Same tactics could be used by other healer-DPS classes (sage and scoundrel) although i can't be sure since i never played them.
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