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re: Guild Banks, Public Quests and Other Future Updates

Bioware employees are out in force and talking to the press about the future of SWTOR. In a recent article, Rock, Paper, Shotgun spoke with James Ohlen about some of the things we might expect to see down the road.

Besides the content we already know about in patch 1.1 which includes a new Flashpoint.

According to Ohlen, the entire SWTOR team is still working flat-out on content for the released game. Next week’s update is just one of many they’re currently working on, with another much larger patch planned for March. It will contain part two of Rise Of The Rakghouls, and an entire new planet containing an operation and warzone, as well as “the second half of the Legacy System, which is the real meat of it.”

On top of this we find out that they are a year ahead of the released game in terms of story and plotline.

March will also see the game update with guild banks and PVP ranking systems, and Ohlen promises another sweep of bug fixes and tweaks.

March seems to have a lot in store for us on top of the already promised graphical upgrades and fixes.

Surprising enough, we do get one insight into a completely different game system that a was made famous by Warhammer and catapulted to the forefront in Rift and is being copied in the future WOW expansion: Events.

There are also plans for something called the Event System, for which details are not yet forthcoming. However, we did manage to prise out of Ohlen that it may include something relating to Warhammer’s social quests – where you unofficially group with whoever is around at the time to complete a non-instanced task – something that we were surprised didn’t feature in the game at launch.

This is something that will be a very big game changer in the world of SWTOR. It’s essentially the one key feature that almost all modern AAA MMOG are including from Rift to Guild Wars 2. How far out these systems are is a different story.

The real question, however, is when will we see ship vs. ship warzones? You know it’s happening!

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