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Welcome to Defenders of Mos Eisley, a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. We play on the side of the Republic on the PvE server Frostclaw. DoME, as we know our selves, was formed in 2007 as a Lord of The Rings Online kinship (guild), which is still going strong. Many of us have started playing SWTOR as well and thus was born Defenders of Mos Eisley.

Our focus is fairly well organised with the intention of end-game raiding and some PvP, but we do like to focus on the social side of the guild - that is to say we don't take our selves too seriously like some hardcore guilds but we're not so casual that raiding will be disorganised. VOICE CHAT is a requirement for group content and we have our own Team Speak 3 server. Of course many of our players use Team Speak for just chatting whilst questing and we have a pretty fun atmosphere on voice chat.

We are currently recruiting all Republic classes and no MMO experience is required, though we do have an informal age restriction of 18+. There may be one or two players in the guild lower than this age but are fairly mature and this is what we are looking for, thus if you are under 18 but come on recommendation of another player then we will consider you for recruitment.

If you would like to join please fill out the short application form on this site (it is pretty short and painless).

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